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Work with VCE files on your desktop: benefit from various question types, file importing, printing & more.


VCE Player for Mac

Desktop version of Manager for Mac


VCE Mobile

VCE Exam Simulator for mobile: available for iOS and Android

How to Convert VCE into PDF

VCE format is amazingly convenient and easy to use for interactive and dynamic exam preparation, as well as the learning process overall, especially with VCE Mobile versions available. But every once in a while, you might need to print out your VCE exam on a computer that does not have VCE software installed. For this or some other reasons, you may need to convert your VCE into PDF.

How to Convert VCE Files to PDF

Converting VCE files to PDF is easy. First of all, make sure that you have a PDF printer (like doPDF, or any other PDF printer software) installed on your computer. You also need to have an active subscription for VCE Designer.

  1. Find the VCE file you need to save as PDF and open it in VCE Designer. Go to File->Print:


  2. Select doPDF (or any other PDF Printer you have) as your printer name and click OK. If you've done everything right, your VCE file won't be printed. It will be saved as PDF instead.


What is PDF printer?

PDF Printer is software that lets you save any printable file as PDF. So, since you can print out your VCE in VCE Designer, you can also save it as PDF - as long as you have PDF printer installed. There is a variety of free and paid PDF printers available online. While we have chosen doPDF as example (since it's free, stable and easy to install), you can choose any other option you like.

PDF-to-VCE Converter

Need to import content from PDF into VCE without messing up the question/answer structure? Thiss can be done easily! Explore ExamFormatter and covert your VCEs into PDFs for free.

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