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Experience IT certification exams in the course of your preparation: all question types, 100% identical experience

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Official software to create & edit VCE practice exams.

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VCE Exam Simulator for Mac

Play VCE exams on your Mac and enjoy smooth learning experience.

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Practice for IT certification exams on your mobile device. Get VCE software for Android or iOS.

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VCE Exam Simulator

Work with VCE files on your desktop: benefit from various question types, file importing, printing & more.


VCE Player for Mac

Desktop version of Manager for Mac


VCE Mobile

VCE Exam Simulator for mobile: available for iOS and Android

What is VCE?

VCE stands for Visual Certification Exam. VCE files, VCE software and VCE testing system make it possible for users to create, edit or take interactive exams on their computers or mobile devices - no matter where they are. So every time you see a .vce file, you know that you've got an exam file in front of you.

VCE exams and technology are used by a number of industries, with different purposes in mind. Click here to find out more.


VCE files that contain real exam questions and answers are frequently shared by exam candidates. Although this practice is most popular for IT certification exams, it is also used in other areas. Such VCE files that contain real exam content are called VCE dumps. VCE dumps can come from various sources, including online file sharing platforms, or they are shared personally by users. VCE dumps can be created by using VCE Designer software, which is included in VCE Exam Simulator PRO kit.

Although VCE software was is most popular among computer science students and IT professionals who prepare to take their certification exams, it becomes increasingly popular with users from other industries. From HR professionals who need to conduct on-the-job testing of their staff and potential candidates to high school students in need of a better way to memorize things, VCE software brings a variety of solutions.

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