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Work with VCE files on your desktop: benefit from various question types, file importing, printing & more.


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Desktop version of Manager for Mac


VCE Mobile

VCE Exam Simulator for mobile: available for iOS and Android

VCE Exam Download and Use

To download and use VCE practice exams, you need to understand how VCE technology and VCE software work. This article provides a good overview if you only have a vague understanding of what VCE is about.

VCE practice exams are widely available online, but for a quality VCE exam download, you're likely to need some research and reassurance that comes from being confident in the source of your VCE exam download. This is especially true and important if you rely on VCE practice exam downloads for your certification exam preparation.

Reliable VCE Exam Downloads

Most VCE file users identify 2 sources as most reliable for VCE exam downloads:

  • Personal connections: when they get VCE exams from friends, colleagues or other people they trust;
  • ExamCollection: this VCE sharing platform is used by over a million of people and has lots of free and paid VCE practice exams available for download.

What is ExamCollection

ExamCollection is the most popular and reputable website when it comes to VCE practice exams and VCE exam downloads. The resource is used over a million of people every month, which is the best proof of its reliability. Users share their VCE dumps, download and use VCE files for their certification exam preparation, and leave comments and votes on the VCE exams they have tried. This way, when you download a top rated VCE practice exam from ExamCollection, you can be sure of its reliability.


To start downloading VCE practice exams, you need to register as ExamCollection user:


ExamCollection registration process is very straightforward and only takes seconds. If you have any difficulties, be sure to check EC's FAQ section.

Once you have completed your registration, you can start downloading your VCE exams. You can search for exam number (search bar is available in the top right corner of the page), browse individual vendors, or download some of the best rated exams (seen on the homepage):


To open VCE Practice exams, you need to make sure you have VCE software downloaded, installed and activated on your computer.

To open VCE files, you will need VCE Player.

If you decide to create and edit VCE exams, you will also need VCE Designer.

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