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VCE Exam Simulator

Work with VCE files on your desktop: benefit from various question types, file importing, printing & more.


VCE Player for Mac

Desktop version of Manager for Mac


VCE Mobile

VCE Exam Simulator for mobile: available for iOS and Android

VCE Files, and How To Use Them

VCE files are interactive exams that contain questions and answers. Depending on the users' individual needs, VCE files can be used as a regular part of one's learning process, or to prepare for an upcoming exam.

Since VCE files and technology are most popular among IT professionals, they are frequently used for IT certification exam preparation. VCE files that contain real exam questions and answers are called VCE dumps, or exam braindumps.

VCE files can be opened with VCE Player, and created and edited with VCE Designer. This software can be purchased and downloaded from, along with corporate and mobile versions of the product. Visit the website and follow instructions (Get Started button) to get started.


How to Open VCE Files in VCE Player

How to Create and Edit VCE Files in VCE Designer

VCE Files provide users with convenience and the following features:

  • VCE Files accommodate over 10 formats for exam questions, including multiple choice, fill in the blank questions, select and place / drag-n-drop questions, point and shoot questions (picking a point on the image), hot area questions (picking an area out of the few options given), create a tree questions, build list and reorder, matching questions, drop and connect questions.



  • Easy printing - VCE files can be easily printed through VCE Designer.


  • Easy importing. Various file formats can be easily imported into VCE files, including txt, rtf, PDF. (A tutorial on how to convert PDF into VCE files, which also includes some other tips and tricks, is available here).
  • Recognized images. VCE files support images in jpg, gif and png formats, which can be embedded in questions and/or answers in any VCE File.
  • Support of foreign characters. VCE files support foreign characters if opened with updated version of VCE Exam Suite. This is true for ALL non-English characters, including languages like Arabic, Chinese, Russian etc. As a result, VCE files can be used for various foreign language exams, as well as by users whose first language isn't English.

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