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Download and Use VCE Manager

VCE Manager is the software that allows users to open and play VCE files, which are interactive exams. The latest version of VCE Manager is known as VCE Player, and is available for both PC and Mac. To start, visit and choose your package. If you only plan to view VCE files created by other users, then all you need is the BASIC package. If you plan to edit VCE files, or create your own exams, then you should opt for the PRO version. VCE Manager is included in both packages.

Proceed to choose the duration of your subscription: With all current VCE software, you pay for the length of your subscription and not the download. Once your subscription is over, you won't be able to use the software until you renew it. So, plan ahead and choose your best deal:

Once the software is installed and activated, you will see the red icon of your VCE Manager.

When you open the software, you will get the dialogue window to add files into your VCE Manager. Click the Add button, and choose the VCE exam you want to open.

After you click Start, your VCE Manager will open the file. First, you will have an option of adding your name and other exam practice details. Remember that you can set the time of your practice, as well as select the section(s) you'd like to focus on as opposed to taking the entire exam:

Upon clicking OK, VCE Player will begin your practice exam. VCE Player supports a number of question types, as well as other advanced features, including these matching questions:

VCE Manager's advanced features include the option of marking a question to come back to it later, as well as reviewing the questions you have answered incorrectly. Here's how you can access these features:

For users who don't have the confidence to take an exam yet, there is a Show Answer version, which makes VCE Manager a convenient learning and memorization tool:

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